Ben & Jerry’s is running a new promotion that will use real fan photos for local marketing campaigns (you can read more about the campaign here). They are asking fans to upload their ice cream instagram photos with the hashtag #captureeuphoria. Any fan who does so could see their photo turn up in local print, bus station, and billboard ads!

How can your community kollel or school utilize this marketing strategy?

Millions of people have quality cameras in their pockets and are taking pictures of a cute baby, something that catches their eye, inspires them, etc. etc. And so, if you are having a community picnic or a young professionals event—encourage your students/the people in the audience to take pictures, put them up on social media, and email them to your office.

In so doing, you have incorporated people into your organization and inspired them to stay in touch with you in a totally non-confrontational manner. Plus, instead of people walking out of the event and not thinking about it anymore, it’ll give them a chance to continue to relive the memory as they’ll want to see if their picture “made the cut” and is featured in your email newsletter or Facebook page.

picture via maadij 

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