Shavuos: holiday of flowers, cheesecake, blintzes – and so much more. Like the first Shavuos three thousand years ago, this holiday presents us with an opportunity to reach true personal acceptance of the Torah. How can we bring ourselves toward this point? How can we overcome our feelings of distance

Since before I started writing these articles, I’ve had a document on my Google Drive titled “Article Ideas.” Anytime an idea for an article would enter into my brain, I’d head over to this document and add my idea to it. This would ensure I wouldn’t forget my idea. The following is an article based on an idea that

One evening not long ago I was out driving on the highway during a rainstorm. I signaled right and started to switch lanes. The problem was that, due to low visibility, I failed to see a van that was moving into the same space. Its tail swiped the front side of my car. For the next few days, I drove around with increased hesitation.

“Life is a roller coaster. There are ups; there are downs. There are hills; there are valleys, peaks, and so on.” -Martin Landau We are currently living in a very interesting and difficult time. Each one of us is dealing with our own personal challenges, while many of us are also living with other people who are each dealing

Just when you thought our society could not get more morally depraved, on January 12th, the annual No Pants Subway Ride took place in cities across twenty-five countries around the world.  This outrageous “tradition” began in 2001 and was introduced by the group “Improv Everywhere,”

“You can't please everyone, nor should you seek to, because then you won't please anyone, least of all yourself.” -Dylan Moran A number of years ago I saw an article on Yahoo that really disturbed me. The article discussed how there was a disabled boy who was quite limited physically. Despite all their medical expenses, he and his family were able to save enough money to go on vacation to Disney. When

This past Shabbos, Parshas Shimini, an event occurred 166 years ago, which I am sure most of us never heard about. It was on the 24th of Nissan in the year 1854 on Parshas Shimini, that Sasha Mindel Hertzberg née Kluger passed away. Mrs. Sasha Mindel was not a great known Rebbetzen, nor was she a miracle worker. She was married for a short time and

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