Ask the average real estate professional for the three most important elements of a quality property and you will likely get the following response: location, location, and location. Developers can do almost anything to a property to fix it up but they can’t do anything about where it’s located. Often, people will

What was required for the Jewish people to receive the Torah at Har Sinai (Mount Sinai) over 3,300 years ago, and what has been necessary for us to receive the Torah every year since then at the time of Shavuot? Much of what I will be presenting is based on ideas that I heard from Rav Matis Weinberg, the nephew of my Rosh

The need for continuous and inspired parent-child dialogue is about as deep a Jewish value as you will find. For millennia, we have used such communication as a means of inculcating within our offspring a deep sense of religious connection and understanding, while also keeping them focused on proper behaviors and values. In

Time Magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year were “the silence breakers, the voices that launched a movement.”  That movement, well known by its hashtag, #MeToo, continues to hold accountable violators of abuse and exploitation. The movement is several months old and shows no signs of slowing. Just last week, a South

As we move away from Parshas Parah and HaChodesh, we are reminded of the fact that our Sages inform us that of all the laws of the Torah, the only one King Solomon – the wisest of all men – could not comprehend was Parah Adumah (the Red Heifer). Our Sages inform us that the part he could not understand was how can the

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