What am I looking forward to on the day I take off my mask for good? Am I looking forward to breathing again? For sure! Am I looking forward to not seeing the world through fogged-up glasses? You bet! Am I looking forward to not having some irritating cloth stuck in my mouth? You better... Read more »

The need for continuous and inspired parent-child dialogue is about as deep a Jewish value as you will find. For millennia, we have used such communication as a means of inculcating within our offspring a deep sense of religious connection and understanding, while also keeping them focused on proper behaviors and values. In fact, the... Read more »

The American system does not have an entry bar – a character or wisdom test or an ethics bar that has to be passed to be eligible for President.  There is a strong feeling that you can have a bad character and still be a good President.  In our previous post, we contrasted this with... Read more »

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