Jewish Wedding Putting On Ring The wedding was magnificent. A beautiful chuppah took place on the beach as the sun set, and then it was time to go inside for the reception. I looked at my place card and went to my assigned table. When I got there, I was startled to discover that I was seated at a table of the chassan’s young friends, many of whom I had

American justice still life On the morning after the historic upset in the election, the chazzan at the minyan I attended finished the repetition of the Amidah and something unusual occurred. One person called out “Hallel,” indicating that for him it was a miraculous day in which we should sing out to the Almighty in appreciation. Immediately, another person called out “Tachanun,” proclaiming the day as one
160302005451-trump-and-hillary-exlarge-169 There are amazing lessons to be learned from the surprising results of the US 2016 Election. President-elect Donald J. Trump defied all expectations from the very start of his campaign. They said he would never win the primaries – but he did. They said he would never climb in the polls – but he did. They said he would never win

download When I awoke this morning at 4 AM I finally allowed myself the ‘luxury’ of doing that which I had ‘religiously' denied myself the entire evening, namely, to find out who won? I decided that until I awoke there was no reason to inquire as to how it was going since as Yogi Berra said, “It ain't over till it's over.” As the words
playing-chess Most people think of themselves as “good” people. In fact, I have often heard from those who are less than scrupulous or meticulous with halacha (Jewish law), “I am not be so careful about observing Shabbos and I may eat dairy out, but to me Judaism is about being a good person and that is what I focus on.” Recently I

baby-feet The issue of abortion is a charged topic, both hotly and widely debated across the globe. It is an issue that touches on the core values of religion and civil society. On the one hand is the issue of the sanctity of life and the concern for the right to life of the yet unborn. On the other hand, government regulations on abortion are seen as a violation of privacy and a woman’s right to
businessman stressed by too many tasks There is a common phenomena that individuals as well as organizations tend to do when getting caught up in either projects and/or activities that do not solely focus on their mission. Losing track of what their overall initial intended goals, missions and purposes are, can often land up being neglected. The High Holidays are just that
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