The essential feature of monotheism is the creation of otherness from G-d where otherness is defined as complete distinctness from G-d and distinct in and of itself from all other beings and things. That is to say, definitionally for monotheism, G-d is not the creation and the creation is not G-d. This means by definition... Read more »

It was recently Veteran’s Day. I could not avoid seeing the advertisements for purchasing clothes, gadgets, toys, paper, pens…. In honor of Veteran’s Day. Some of these advertisements stressed that Veterans would receive additional saving as a sign of appreciation. I decided to find out more about

There are life lessons to be seen everywhere, one just needs to have the right spectacles in order to properly see them. -Unknown The camp that I went to took us to a racquetball club on Fridays. This location had racquetball courts, basketball

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