Historic dates, like stepping stones, create a footpath through our heritage. Experienced by one generation and recalled by those to come, it is through these annual recollections that our heritage is honored. Before 1971, Washington’s Birthday was one of nine US holidays celebrated on specific dates, which – year after year – fell on different days of the

It’s been really cold these days, as I write these words the actual temperature is 7 degrees above zero with the “real-feel” at -18 degrees! Last night at about 8 PM or so the temperature outside was more or less the same as now. I had a quandary; I wanted to attend a vort of a very good friend of mine which was being held at Beth Shalom which is located

Seeking spirituality is hot today. To such an extent that even Oprah Winfrey produced a seven-part television mini-series in 2015 entitled “Belief” exploring faith and spirituality. Atlantic Magazine reported on October 18, 2015, “The breathtaking aesthetics of ‘Belief’ are reason enough to watch. Oprah spent a heap of cash over

Recently, President Trump formally declared the nationwide opioid drug problem a public health emergency. Substance abuse is a growing epidemic that doesn’t discriminate based on religion, economic class, gender, or ethnicity. As we have come to learn all too well, the frum community is not immune, either. Experts will all tell

Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman, the head of the Hasmonean Beis Hamedrash, London, was a close talmid of Rabbi Moshe Shapiro זצ"ל for over thirty-six years. He shared powerful insights into the life and Torah of his rebbe, which has lessons for us all, on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5778 speaking to the kehillah of Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion, The forum was conceived and made possible by Rabbi Moshe Hauer, the Rav of Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion.

This past Wednesday afternoon I was driving home when my nine year old son called me and excitedly told me, “Tatty I have amazing news! Rubashkin is out of jail!” I realized that the great miracle that Klal Yisroel has just experienced was being celebrated by the youth too. I saw it again on Friday night when I came home from shul

After the death of Yaakov Avinu, the brothers of Yosef had great doubts whether or not Yosef had forgiven them for selling him to a caravan of Yishmaeilim that resulted in his eventual sale to Mitzrayim. Rashi informs us (Bereishis 50:15), “They perceived their father’s death through Yosef’s behavior. They were accustomed to

Don’t forget where you came from.” It is often said at graduations, it’s the title of a country music song, and many successful people include it on their list of the most important things to remember. And yet, when Yosef HaTzadik ascends to great heights and power in Egypt, he marries, has his first son and seems to violate this

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