Pleasure is not a quality that is sweet, simple, wonderful, or even tangential. Rather, it is an existential state that all humans intensely desire, seek out, pursue, pay for---read the Bible, the Iliad, the news---and something that we will kill for and go to war for. Every nerve in our

In this week’s post, I’ll share six productivity tools that I personally use and recommend. These online tools will benefit anyone who wants to be super productive in their fundraising and professional responsibilities. Please note that all of these tools have competitors, some of which are very strong companies. But these specific tools are the ones that... Read more »

This essay is a continuation of Rabbi Resnick’s first essay on “Appreciating the Benefits of Difficulties & Challenges.” Yissurim weaken our attachment to physicality, to purify us in preparation for Olam Haba (the World to Come). The Gemara Brachot (5a) discussed a sequence of three ways to understand and relate to Yissurim: First, one should examine his deeds;... Read more »

In a previous article about understaffing, we spoke of the importance of leaders becoming more influential to maximize their impact and get the most from their teams. In this final part of the series, we focus on the “C” of “E.P.I.C.”, how to communicate more clearly and openly. All leaders need to communicate clearly and... Read more »

Every Shabbat we request from G-d in our davening (prayers): Sab’einu mituvecha v’samcheinu bishuatecha — Satisfy us from Your goodness, and give us simcha (joy or happiness) with Your salvation. These words seem quite puzzling. If something is from G-d’s own good, then why do we need to ask G-d to “satisfy” us? Won’t that happen automatically? And if what... Read more »

In a previous article about understaffed leaders, we spoke of the importance of pulling understaffed teams together to ensure that they are cohesive and that work gaps do not remain unfilled. This essay will offer added strategies for understaffed leaders to help their teams overdeliver. At the heart of great leadership is influence, as in... Read more »

In our first E.P.I.C. segment, we spoke of the importance of setting clear expectations (“E”) that empower leaders and their teams to be strategic, take initiative, innovate, and deliver desired results. In this post, we will focus on the second “E.P.I.C.” component, pulling your team together and connect them deeply to the mission (“P”). You’ve... Read more »

We’ve talked about how to lead from integrity and become more influential. Now, let’s explore the final “I” leadership element, impact. Integrity and influence are, without question, important components of leadership. But without results,

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