Sometimes we can search high and low for cutting-edge topics to engage our current students and attract newcomers. Thanks to Disney+, a new animated movie has arrived that will keep us teaching non-stop through Pesach and beyond. The NY Times movie reviewer A.O. Scott pinpoints the draw of Disney’s latest release, Soul: “In about 100... Read more »

As the number of infections grew, the Israeli government felt their only recourse was a near-total shutdown. For the first time in the peacetime history of the country, schools were closed. The Chadarim responded in various ways to the closure; however, there was no choice for the girls in Bais Yakov. With class sizes sometimes... Read more »

One of the books that made an enormous impact on me is Thinking Fast and Slow, by former Israeli Nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman (I am on my fourth reading). Kahneman shows how most of our decisions are made intuitively or with little or no processing, relying on experience and presumptions we have built up... Read more »

As many of you remember, I spent Shabbos on October 23-24th at Hackensack Hospital. I underwent emergency back surgery on Shabbos morning. What follows is one of the many exciting encounters I had over Shabbos. Shawn, the nurse on call on Shabbos, was an amiable and helpful fellow; however, it was a bit strange when he... Read more »

Do you know how much your time is worth? If you have that clarity, then you’re on your way to finding ‘work-work’ balance.  Work-work balance is the art (or science) of effectively prioritizing all your responsibilities, with the clarity of the value of your time. The theory, if you get it right, will rocket power... Read more »

A story from before Covid-19 – a look into our past. When I am not a rabbi in Passaic, I moonlight by teaching at Landers College for Women in New York. The school is just a few short blocks from the famous Central Park. The Park attracts over 42 million visitors annually. The Park affords... Read more »

Imagine I would have told you on Purim that (almost) every Shul in the world by Pesach would be shut closed? What would you have said? Imagine I told you that by Pesach, you would walk to the local grocery and not be allowed in because there are too many people inside, and they have... Read more »

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