This is the third essay in a series applying values from Biblical leaders to contemporary leadership. Most of what we know about the first matriarch is detailed in two chapters in the Bible, Genesis 16 and 21. First, we are told of Sarah’s interactions with her maidservant Hagar. Childless for many years, Sarah convinced Abraham... Read more »

Traditionally, corporate leadership has been understood as a mechanism through which managers drive and inspire their employees to increase production and profits. This narrow, results-oriented view is slowly diminishing, however. An increasing number of contemporary theorists are asserting that leaders also have the responsibility to establish and maintain moral and ethical standards within their organizations.... Read more »

This is the second essay in a series applying values from Biblical leaders to contemporary leadership. Abraham is the father of modern monotheistic thought and practice, a truth-seeker who pursued his beliefs at great personal risk. He was also a great teacher, one who shared his novel ideas and firm convictions with the world around... Read more »

The first in a series on Biblical leaders. Contemporary society has increasingly come to think of leaders as well-positioned people with strong connections, possessing such qualities as power, charisma and wealth.[1] Rarely is much consideration given to their character and deeds, not to mention the impact that they make on those around them. Walk into... Read more »

Each year on Simchas Torah, the current cycle of Torah reading concludes while also beginning anew on that same date. The stated reason for this minhag stems from the idea that on Simchas Torah we display our strong feelings of love and commitment to the Torah. It is therefore only appropriate for us to use... Read more »

Throughout the Jewish world, tens of thousands of children and young adults will soon be heading back to the classroom for another year of schooling. The excitement is palpable. For the past week or so (if not longer), children and parents have been busy purchasing and labeling school supplies, clothing, lunchboxes and other related items.... Read more »

As a coach and professional development provider, I often find myself having some variation of the following conversation with principals. “Please make sure,” they say, “to include lots of practical examples for everyone in the room when you speak.” They explain their request as follows. “Oftentimes when we bring someone in to present a workshop... Read more »