I recently had a conversation with a financial executive who we’ll call Dan. At one point the conversation shifted to personal matters, such as where he lives and details about his family. Dan told me that he lives in Central Long Island (NY) and is the proud father of four children. I asked Dan if he had a boat and he

Pesach commemorates the redemption of a band of Hebrew slaves from extended, torturous Egyptian bondage. We sit around a regal table as kings and queens, as we recall our ancestors’ transition from servants to freedmen and celebrate their glorious fate on that special date some 3,300 years ago. However,

It was the last Leil HaSeder in the home of Reb Shloime Bobover zt”l, and he was very ill and weak. Unlike past years when the Rebbe led the Seder in the presence of thousands of Chasidim, tonight the Rebbe sat in his wheel chair attached to feeding tubes with only his immediate family around him. The family sat

  One of the most widely watched TED talks on education was delivered by Rita Pierson. In a moving talk entitled, “Every Kid Needs a Champion,” Pierson, a second-generation educator, emphasized the importance of building relationships with students. She details her experience working with some of the hardest challenges in the system: kids who haven’t... Read more »