In this blog, we discuss steps one should take when suffering from long-term burnout. An important book to read when considering change is Howard’s Gift, by Eric C. Sinoway (with Merrill Meadow). We have borrowed extensively from this book, amongst other sources, for this blog.  WHEN YOU STAY WITH YOUR JOB Call a Time-Out The... Read more »

Part One – Story On October 20, 1952, David Ben Gurion (1886 -1973), the Prime Minister of The State of Israel, requested a meeting to meet with the Gadol HaDor, the Chazon Ish (1878 –1953). Yitzhak Navon served as Ben Gurion’s secretary. He was the only person to accompany him at this meeting and reconstructed... Read more »

A new buzzword is Hungarian-American psychologist’s Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi’s concept of “flow.” People are happiest when they are in a state of flow—a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation. Such a state requires several conditions. For example: Motivations: One is engaged in the acts because they are intrinsically rewarding, rather than... Read more »

As a coach and professional development provider, I often find myself having some variation of the following conversation with principals. “Please make sure,” they say, “to include lots of practical examples for everyone in the room when you speak.” They explain their request as follows. “Oftentimes when we bring someone in to present a workshop... Read more »

“Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” -Unknown “If you see something, say something.” “Stand up for yourself.” “Use your voice, don’t be quiet.” These slogans, and many similar messages, are being spread like wildfire. Cancel culture has made it that... Read more »