When you buy a gift for a loved one, you’re buying something for yourself as well. A meaningful experience. Maybe you’re buying the renewed closeness your gift will bring. Or the security of knowing you’ve made your loved one happy. Or the ability to fulfill their expectations. Whatever it is, you’re getting something out of... Read more »

<<Dial tone>> <<Dial tone again>> <<You’ve reached the voicemail box of…>> You’ve just called a donor. They didn’t pick up. What do you do now? So many possibilities. You could leave a voicemail. You could leave no voicemail, but call back later. You could try reaching them by email. By text. By whatsapp. But what... Read more »

For 15 years, the Minneapolis Community Kollel had been raising a nice amount of money at their annual dinners. Last summer, they ran their first online crowdfunding campaign. And raised $629,000 – almost double what their dinners had been bringing in. After the campaign dust had settled, Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, CEO of the kollel, shared with... Read more »

What if 63% of your alumni donated yearly to your organization? Sounds unrealistic? Somehow, Princeton University has figured out how to get that amount of alums giving back annually. Compared to the US average university alumni giving rate – 13% – that’s downright incredible. Tom Ahern, fundraising guru, posed the question you’re probably thinking right... Read more »

How do you “inspire” someone to give big? How can we transition effectively from sharing this spectacular vision to actually making our ask? For those of you who’ve been biting their nails in suspense since last Sunday, allow me to take you out of your misery. Here’s how to transition smoothly and effectively from storytelling... Read more »