Asking a $3,600 donor to give $3,600 again is not much of a challenge.  But, it’s going to take a different kind of effort to get that same $3,600 donor to give $36,000. Why is this? Explains Seth Godin, it’s based on an idea he coins ‘Pattern Match – Pattern Interrupt.’ With the $3,600 donor, you’re not changing... Read more »

How can you raise significantly more in your next fundraising campaign? (or over the next x time period)? I call it your ‘Largest Possible.’ It works like this. Ask yourself… With my best efforts and all the right elements for success in place, what is my ‘largest possible’ $ (or £ or ₪) amount I could boldly imagine raising?... Read more »

When done effectively, phone calls are a most powerful fundraising tool. But phone anxiety causes many to avoid using the phone – using email or text instead – which costs them lost income.  Remember – it’s  normal to have phone nerves before making important calls. And the good thing is, there are simple ways to get rid of... Read more »

More likely than mining a Bitcoin, here’s one way to get a new major prospect this week. I call it POP Mining. It works like this. With each and every major donor you already have – take this simple POP quiz.Ask yourself…  Who was the ‘Person’ who opened the door for this donor’s involvement? Or... Read more »

Princeton is the best fundraising university in the world. About 63% of their alumni give to their annual giving fund – compared to the US average of just 13%. Fundraising guru, Tom Ahern, asked the fundraisers at Princeton, “What’s your magic? What are you guys doing that works so well?”  They told him, “We start right at... Read more »