Do you know how much your time is worth? If you have that clarity, then you’re on your way to finding ‘work-work’ balance.  Work-work balance is the art (or science) of effectively prioritizing all your responsibilities, with the clarity of the value of your time. The theory, if you get it right, will rocket power... Read more »

Do your donor newsletters or marketing materials show stats of… …how many people you’ve reached…how many Zoom classes you’ve given…how many Shabbos meals you delivered…how many donors you have?  In your conversations with donors, are you communicating success with data and numbers to back up what you tell them? Or do you place an emphasis... Read more »

It’s summer. Elul. Rosh Hashanah. Even the end of 2020, is approaching fast. Donors – even if they aren’t away – are less receptive. What should you do to keep donor relationships alive and ‘invested in’ before your next donor solicitation?Doing something – even small – is massive. With your big donors, connect with them through... Read more »

Getting your donors to do what they always do is not that much of a big deal. Asking a $3,600 donor to give you $3,600 shouldn't be much of a challenge. Getting that same $3,600 donor, to give you $36,000 is going to take a different effort. Seth Godin, in his most recent book This is Marketing, calls it Pattern Match/Pattern Interrupt.