This essay is a continuation of Rabbi Resnick’s first essay on “Appreciating the Benefits of Difficulties & Challenges.” Yissurim weaken our attachment to physicality, to purify us in preparation for Olam Haba (the World to Come). The Gemara Brachot (5a) discussed a sequence of three ways to understand and relate to Yissurim: First, one should examine his deeds;... Read more »

Every Shabbat we request from G-d in our davening (prayers): Sab’einu mituvecha v’samcheinu bishuatecha — Satisfy us from Your goodness, and give us simcha (joy or happiness) with Your salvation. These words seem quite puzzling. If something is from G-d’s own good, then why do we need to ask G-d to “satisfy” us? Won’t that happen automatically? And if what... Read more »

There are actually numerous segulot that not only have no risks, but are the ones that our greatest rabbis and sources have constantly urged us to utilize and practice. The book “Eitzot L’z’chut B’din B’yamim Hanora’im” – Advice to Merit a Positive Judgment on the Days of Awe,”