Are you hosting a Purim party? Is your shul having a concert or bringing in a guest speaker? If you ever need to sell tickets to an event online, you are going to want to know about This site helps you easily sell tickets, provides you with event registration, and gives you complete access to box... Read more » features a wide range of articles, audio, video, programming ideas and class outlines on Purim! NLE Morasha Syllabus Purim I: Purim Unmasked: Understanding the Eternal Festival Purim II: The Mitzvot of the Day NLE Thinking Gemara Shiur A Closer Look at Drinking on Purim Purim Resources Megillas Esther – The Mercaz Daf Yomi Shiur... Read more »
Purim is in under a month. That’s right, you have less than thirty days until Purim! If you are looking for something that you could use to help enhance the Purim experience at a Beginners’ Minyan, check out: Megillah Mania. Megillah Mania is an interactive, humorous PowerPoint slideshow that you can use to accompany your megillah... Read more »
Nowadays, more and more people are searching for a means to not only pursue happiness—but to live a happy life! Below are links to articles, lesson plans and videos that explore this topic. Please note: The views expressed in the articles, links, videos, etc. reflect the views of their authors and do not necessarily reflect... Read more »
Happiness is a universal human longing, yet so many people are unhappy. The Torah teaches that it is a mitzvah to be happy, and therefore it must be possible to achieve. Judaism has a number of practical approaches to being genuinely happy. These approaches are not the hedonism and self-indulgence that are so popular in... Read more »
To fully appreciate and participate in the festivities of Purim one needs to be familiar with the mitzvot of the day, and understand the deep meaning behind them. The mitzvot of Purim themselves reflect the central themes discussed in the first Morasha shiur on Purim: Purim Unmasked. With these added insights, Purim is revealed not... Read more »