Purim is in under a month. That’s right, you have less than thirty days until Purim! If you are looking for something that you could use to help enhance the Purim experience at a Beginners’ Minyan, check out: Megillah Mania. Megillah Mania is an interactive, humorous PowerPoint slideshow that you can use to accompany your megillah reading. It contains nearly fifty dynamic illustrated slides of Megillas Esther, including slides with the verses that are said aloud. The slides appear in Hebrew, English, and transliterated English.

The respective verses that each slide refers to, can be found on the top left corner of each slide, allowing for all participants to follow along throughout the reading. The slideshow comes in two versions, so you can choose which one will best serve the needs of your congregants.

Want to see a preview of how Megillah Mania looks? Checkout this short clip below. You can also connect with the folks at Megillah Mania via their twitter account: @MegillahMania. Purim Sameach!



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