A wise man once said, “New year. New calendar.” All kidding aside, as we are already in the third week of January 2013, you may still be searching for a new planner that will finally help you achieve your dream of becoming the ultimate father, husband, rabbi, and educator.

Plaaan is a new tool, created by the team of Lab Fiftyfive. In just a few clicks, you can create a printable calendar that is not only free, but also comes in a nice, sleek design.

Plus, you can customize your planner any way you like. Choose your start and end dates, paper size, portrait or landscape orientation and whether your planner should have a weekly, multi-week or monthly view. When you are done, you can download it as a PDF and print it out, hang it above your desk or place it in a bunch of places such as the glove compartment, your shtender, and even underneath your pillow!

If you think that Plaaan is not for you, we encourage you to share Plaaan with all of the rabbis and educators you know who prefer pen and paper or who are looking for an alternative to typing dates in on a computer. Now go ahead and grap a pen, jot down your meetings, and highlight your deadlines!

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