Whether you are a busy nonprofit professional or a fundraiser, you have certainly read through all sorts of business books throughout your career. After all, you are constantly looking to learn new tactics to help your institution secure a bright financial future.

Nowadays, in our increasingly busy world, finding the “free time” needed to read and really take notes and find the key points from a business-minded book can be difficult.

The Book Video Club, a new venture run by the Board Studios Labs Division, aims to solve this problem.

Curated by business experts, The Book Video Club “does all the work for you.” It produces free video book summaries (the site covers books ranging from business classics to the latest on startups and the digital frontier) and insights written by business executives, and also offers engaging hand-crafted sketch notes that distill key elements from the featured book of the week.

See below for an example of how one of their videos appears:

Each week, The Book Video Club sends you the text, audio, PDF and a stunning video summary.

As such, if you want to refer back to the book or don’t want to watch a YouTube video, this site can still benefit you!


Check out how you can simply click here and download a printable PDF of all the hand-crafted Sketch Notes from the featured book of the week.

Do you prefer just to read the summary?

Click here to see how you can download a printable PDF of the key insights of the featured book.

The cost?

While there are many sites out there that charge $200-$300 a year for text-only summaries, The Book Video Club is 100% FREE for life.

Ready to sign up and get notified when a new book summary is out?

Head over to The Book Video Club website and register for free!

BONUS: If you want to view the previous books that The Book Video Club has already created, we encourage you to see the list of videos below:

1) The Sales Acceleration Formula

2) The Art of the Start 2.0

3) The Innovator’s Dilemma

4) Zero to One





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