Over the past several months, we have featured posts that highlight where you can get great looking free stock photos to enhance your flyers and brochures. See here for our latest post. Likewise, we have also featured useful design tools such as Canva and Smore.

Recently, we received an inquiry asking if we could help with finding free stock videos (sites such as iStockphoto.com charge a lot of money for their video loops) that can be used by a nonprofits to enhance their own promotional videos and short online videos lessons from their rabbis and educators.

Also, more and more schools and institutions expect a rabbi and educator to be able to create their own video (highlighting a recent class trip or Shabbaton) so that it can be enjoyed by parents and students alike.

A high-quality free stock video can also help if you are creating a banquet video or one that you want to appear on the homepage of your website. It’s no secret that videos can better engage new visitors to your website. In terms of websites, video landing pages convert at way higher rates than static landing pages. A good video not only draws attention to your cause — it also helps create the right impression and narrative to prospective students and congregants. And, having a great looking clip that you can use free of charge is something that will come in incredibly handy and save you and your organization time and money.

Below, we present you a roundup of sites that offer free stock videos. Feel free to bookmark this blogpost and send it to friends and colleagues who you think will find it useful. Hatzlacha!

1) We have featured Pexels as a site that offers high-quality free stock photos. Recently, they also started Pexels Videos that offers free stock videos. You can edit or change the free videos and use them for personal and commercial projects.

2) Another great resource if you’re looking for videos to remix, transform and build on for any purpose (even commercially) is Mazwai. All the videos there are downloadable and under an attribution license (CC BY 3.0); all you’re kindly asked to do is give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

3) Fancy Footage Club releases videos that are available for a month and are then replaced with a new set of five new videos.This change happens on the first Tuesday of every month. You can also give them your email address and subscribe so that the five new videos simply arrive in your inbox. What’s really great about this site is that before they post the videos, they pride themselves on making sure every video is web-ready. Fancy Footage Club has plans to introduce a library with access to older footage.

4) Xtstock Video gives you thousands of high-quality, free videos to choose from and offers all sorts of footage from abstract, buildings, landmarks and much more.

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