When it comes to producing your own video, it used to seem impossible without hiring a videographer. However, as we’ve shown in posts such as Animoto for a Cause, rabbis and educators can now easily create great promo videos for any of their programs.

Plus, now that more and more companies and even outreach organizations such as NCSY (see below) are jumping into Instagram video and the Vine app, it’s no longer considered frivolous to invest in handy and affordable tools and accessories that will really elevate your smartphone video to look like it was shot professionally.

The number one way to get your videos looking even better, is by using a mini-tripod for your smartphone. And, while there are many mini-tripods out there to select from, the one that we recommend (for reasons ranging from price to its features) is the Slingshot Stabilizer.

The Slingshot Stabilizer is unique in that it does double duty as a stabilizer in hand, or a tripod on a surface. Best of all, it can even easily mount onto a professional tripod should you have the need.The ballhead mount means you can swivel the phone instead of moving the tripod around to get the right angle.

Please note: The Slingshot Stabilizer holds any smartphone and it even lets you attach your phone without having to remove its carrying case! For a product that costs only $20, we think you’ll see a huge difference in your photos and videos. You can get a good look at the product by watching the short video below:

h/t and photo via lizcoolmompicks

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