From shuls to schools, a slew of Jewish organizations use YouTube to promote learning opportunities, programs, and much more! Would you like to add some branding by adding the logo of your institution to your YouTube video(s)/channel(s)?

For years, if one wanted to add a logo to their video, this meant using video editing software before uploading to YouTube. However, once the video was uploaded there was nothing you could do to add a logo.

YouTube has now made this element of branding very easy by silently rolling out a new free feature called InVideo Programming. All you need is your organizations logo (we recommend you use a transparent png or jpeg). You can customize the look by displaying the logo in any corner, at the start of the video, somewhere in the middle or even for the entire duration of the video.

Don’t have a logo? You are at home and can’t access your logo?

No worries!

You can also use one of these YouTube buttons to promote your main YouTube channel inside all your videos.

Arguably the best part of this new feature is that you don’t have to edit individual videos to enable this feature as it automatically appears over all your video.

At a more technical level, we would be remiss not to point out that YouTube internally uses annotations to display the images over the video. Therefore, if your YouTube viewer has turned off annotations, your logo won’t be visible.

All in all,  this is an excellent tool which will help you with branding and promotion to further increase your visibility and professional appearance to students and donors.

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