When it comes to video production, we’ve written posts such as 3 Tips for an Effective Video and All About Animoto for a Cause, and featured guest posts on the subject as well. Recently, we were asked if there were any tools that can be used to create a  stop-motion video. This type of video is one that would greatly appeal to a younger audience of tweens and teens. And so, in this post, we want to introduce you to two notable free tools that can help you easily create a stand-out stop-motion video.

The first tool that we want to bring to your attention is: JellyCam. This is a free program for Windows and Mac computers that you can use to create great stopmotion movies with a web-cam or a bunch of photos. Also, you can easily add a mp3 soundtrack and have a really cool promo video that’s created in a number of minutes!

Below, is a quick video tutorial that will take you through how you can use JellyCam.


Stop Frame Animator from Culture Street is another great tool for creating animated stop-motion movies. Creating your animated stop-motion video is a simple drag and drop process on Stop Frame Animator. You are given nine background scenes to choose from, and can use wooden manikins as your characters. You are given lots of control on how the video will look as you can position the manikins’ arms and legs in every scene, add props like chairs and beach balls—and if you want, you can add sound effects and music to your video from the Stop Frame Animator gallery.

We are certain that you can use these tools to create an impactful video that will create a fun and entertaining experience video for your audience!


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