In our economically difficult times, your shul, outreach organization, or community kollel needs a tool that can quickly and effectively capture exactly what you do and what you need in a timely manner. An impactful video presentation is one tool that can be extremely effective for fundraising. Strong, story-based video presentations help evoke emotion and allow you to put many faces to your cause and mission.

In order to get people to attend your events or reach for their wallets, it’s not simply statistics, but emotion and storytelling that get people to make the decision to commit to your cause. Video marketing allows you to “show” your story instead of “telling” it, making videos an unparalleled vehicle in moving your audience.

Below are some components to ensure a memorable video presentation:

  1. Consider interviewing people by going “live.” Don’t just film people sitting in a chair. Collect testimonials “on location,” by recording people on your trip to Israel or while people are learning in your Beis Midrash. This technique will provide you with a much livelier video and really bring your story to life!
  2. Make sure to keep your video SHORT. I’m sure you want to tell people about your program/organization for hours on end. That said, your average audience has a limited capacity to comprehend new information. With busy lifestyles, your audience usually can pay attention for only short periods of time. Keep in mind: your video should last no more than three to five minutes.
  3. Quality, quality, quality. Make sure that you produce something that evokes kavod hatorah! You should strive to ensure proper scripting, clear and useful graphic titles, lighting and appropriate music. A choppy video will detract from its value as a communication tool. Nowadays, when it comes to editing or creating a video, you can even do so yourself! There are lots of great options available today. For instance, see our post, All About Animoto for a Cause.

What ideas can you add to this list?

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