As a nonprofit organization, Populr is a new free service that you should know about! Indeed, some of the finest corporations and nonprofits from around the world are now using Populr to bridge the gap between email communications and websites.

With Populr, you don’t need a programmer or designer. Using their drag and drop automatic layout engine, any rabbi or educator can build a Populr page within minutes. And, the final product is one that will help you follow up after meeting with a big donor in a unique way or help you grab the attention of students who are considering going on your next trip to Israel.

Best of all, every Populr site is automatically mobile optimized. It can also track engagement down to a single user and can show both how long someone viewed the page and everything they clicked on.

Plus, you can easily share your page via social media or email and then track response to that page. Populr also allows you to reflect your branding on your site by uploading your logo, changing the background and font, and pointing custom domains to your pages.

Still not convinced that Populr is something that could really help you and your organization?

Below, is a short video that lets you see Populr in action:


Next, check out some of the companies and nonprofits who have realized the power of using Populr. - Create a Page for Anything in 5 Minutes


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We hope that you have found this post informative. Give Populr a try. We are certain that you’ll be sending beautiful, effective communications in no time!




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