Whether you are writing an email asking for a small donation, turning to loyal members of your synagogue to discuss their involvement in the building campaign or designing your slides to pitch your next big idea, you can increase your credibility with new and established donors with one small change. Roger Dooley reports that, "a recent experiment gave subjects an ad that described a medicine
As a large or small Jewish organization, people will turn to your website wanting to know what time your Shabbat morning services start, when the weekly class is and...what time Shabbat candle-lighting will take place. One of things I love about building WordPress websites is that pretty much any feature you can dream of is already available as a free.
Google Plus Hangouts on Air or HOA's, are online videos that are broadcast live in HD to a Google+ page, your organization’s YouTube channel and website at the same time. Best of all, HOA's are recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel so that your subscribers can watch without any additional effort on your part. You can also convert your HOA into a podcast by following the steps found here. (Read our earlier post about rabbis and podcasts here.)
Getting people to help you in fundraising or come to your event can be a difficult task. This is even truer when it comes to trying to host any sort of fundraiser around Pesach. Let's be honest: If people have time, it's dedicated to cleaning and preparing for Pesach—and not giving dozens of hours to plan a large fundraiser or train for a marathon. That's why a Pre-Pesach Car Wash is the perfect fundraising idea for
As a nonprofit organization, Populr is a new free service that you should know about! Indeed, some of the finest corporations and nonprofits from around the world are now using Populr to bridge the gap between email communications and websites. With Populr, you don't need a programmer or designer. Using their drag and drop automatic
If your budget is less than $1M, then it’s likely that your fundraising department is you, and you alone. Your time is limited, you're juggling multiple responsibilities, and you always have to prioritize where to invest your time and efforts. So where should you put in effort to get the biggest financial gain? The end of the year brings a real and unique opportunity
I have had the Samsung Chromebook S3 ($249) since January of this year. In many regards, it is an amazing post-PC device. It runs the Chrome Operating System (OS) – a variant of the Linux Operating System. The truth is, however, you never actually see or interact with the OS since everything you do (and really can do) is through the Chrome browser itself. Little wonder, then, that
In the first part of this post, we explored how if you are looking for new donors, a rented (or borrowed) mailing list might be a goldmine. We also discussed concepts such as: Compiled vs. Response Lists and how to evaluate if a list is right for your organization. When it comes to paying for a list, expect to pay in full up front