Google Plus Hangouts on Air or HOA's, are online videos that are broadcast live in HD to a Google+ page, your organization’s YouTube channel and website at the same time. Best of all, HOA's are recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel so that your subscribers can watch without any additional effort on your part. You can also convert your HOA into a podcast by following the steps found here. (Read our earlier post about rabbis and podcasts here.)
There are thousands of webpages discussing millions of tips on how you can get more traffic or have your site listed as one of the first couple of results in a Google search. This is obviously helpful as people find anything from stores to synagogues using the most famous search engine in the world. What many of these sites do not discuss, is that there's a program
When it comes to successful social media sites, names such as Facebook or Twitter may quickly pop into your head. Let's be honest, most people don't think of Google+ in the same sentence as those popular social networking sites. In this post, we will explain why you should consider bolstering your presence on Google+, the social networking service owned
There are yeshivos, programs, seminaries, and more who have all paid and used Google Adwords. Not only does it serve as Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue, but it could very well help promote your organization or program to a higher level when someone is searching for something that may relate to your cause. For example,... Read more »