There are yeshivos, programs, seminaries, and more who have all paid and used Google Adwords. Not only does it serve as Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue, but it could very well help promote your organization or program to a higher level when someone is searching for something that may relate to your cause.

For example, if you are based in Chicago and have a kollel there, if someone searches for “torah Chicago”, you can pay to have your result pop up first. The reasons for doing so are many. It increases awareness, and by extension, those people who are searching online will have a greater chance of heading to your Orthodox institution.

Also, consider the fact that so many people are actually using Google (or any other search engine) for local searches. With this information in hand, you may come to see the simple search engine that is Google, as a partner—or better yet an amazing outreach tool. Enjoy the infographic below that highlights trends in local search.



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