We know how challenging, and yet exciting, it is to strive to present Orthodox Judaism as relevant, cool, and enlightening. We’d be remiss to not pass on to rabbis and Jewish educators an initiative of Jew in the City. JewintheCity.com is a website and social media platform founded and directed by Allison Josephs that breaks down stereotypes about religious Jews and offers a meaningful look into Orthodox Judaism through articles, social media, and YouTube videos. Jew in the City explains important Jewish concepts like Shabbos, keeping kosher, and mikvah, and tackles difficult topics like the Orthodox Jewish approach to homosexuality, feminism, and conversion. With a mix of light humor and rich content, Jew in the City explores these topics in an approachable and easy to understand fashion, appealing to anyone who is curious to learn more about Orthodox Jews and observant Judaism, whether Jewish or not.

The latest video is called Orthodox Jewish All Stars and can be viewed here or below. It exposes the world to an array of famous individuals who see their Orthodox Judaism as a platform for success and enhanced life. In the video, ten famous Orthodox Jews talk about their careers and experiences being religious and successful in the world. The goal is to break down the stereotype that all Orthodox Jews are rabbis or homemakers. In reality, many Orthodox Jews succeed in all kinds of fields.

Please note: we are not endorsing everything in this piece. We do think that some of you might find it as something that your students/congregants would find useful.


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