The One Jewish People Project brings together Jews from around the world and across the entire span of Jewish expression in a show of strength and friendship. The goal of the project is to actualize the much spoken about desire and need for more unity among Jews through experiential activities that produce more consideration, tolerance, integrity, and respect of one Jew for another. The strength of the Jewish people lies in its unity. Four thousand years of Jewish history has proved this.

Throughout the international Jewish community acts of kindness, charity, and brotherly love will be encouraged and publicized in an effort to demonstrate the timeless unity of the Jewish nation.

Participants from across the political and religious spectrum will put aside their personal views to demonstrate the ties that bind us are stronger than our differences. We are initiating a process to encourage our brethren to view each other as fellow Jews. We live in different continents across the globe. We are loyal citizens of our countries, but we are also family to each other. Our level of religious observance, political views, nationality or skin color do not change this fact. We are brothers and sisters.

One example of our work is a dialogue project bringing Jews together from across the political and religious spectrum to find common ground and foster the ties that bind us as a people. In Israel, this includes elite youth in “pre-military academies,” Boy and Girl Scouts, high school students and kibbutzim.

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Rosh Kollel of The Jerusalem Kollel and Rabbi David Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Ha’emek are among the many to endorse the One Jewish People Project.

We have the power of family to work together to improve our people and the world. This is a call to do it, together! To get involved click here!


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