In my role as a rabbi, I often speak to people about realizing and revealing their potential and partnering with Hashem to make this world a more beautiful place. Last week, a friend with whom I was having this discussion, challenged me to practice what I preach and step out of my own comfort zone and commit to a project that could inspire others.

So, with a tefilla for siyata dishmaya, I am humbly taking the challenge..

We have 17 days to Rosh Hashana…

We have 27 days to Yom Kippur…

And 40 days to the peak…Simchas Torah.

What we do with these days will have awesome ramifications on our personal lives and the lives of those around us. Therefore I am committing to send out a short daily message of inspiration in the lead up to these great days. The message will be brief and may contain a link to a shiur or an article that I have derived some chizuk from and hope you will as well.

My intention is that this project opens a dialogue whereby we can support each other over the coming weeks. So if you have something to share, kindly do so. Or if you would like to discuss a topic further, please don’t hesitate to be in contact. Head on over to the website that I started for the The Days Are Coming Project called: and make it a Shana Tova!


Rabbi Aryeh Goldman is a graduate of Ner LeElef and is a rebbe and head of student programs at Yeshivas Yesodei HaTorah in Melbourne, Australia.




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