Purim is quickly approaching! While everyone is still obligated to send one basket (containing two types of food) to one person on Purim day itself, many Jewish organizations rely upon mishloach manos as a major fundraiser. And so, while the following post may be too late to put into action for this Purim, we encourage you to make a note of this information so that you can refer to it next year.

There are many communities that turn to members to volunteer time in the evening or on a Sunday to package the mishloach manos for the school, shul or kollel. For a slew of reasons, you may not be able to rely on people to come in, oversee this operation, and make sure that everything gets beautifully packaged and delivered without a glitch  And so, you are looking for an easy and streamlined website that will just “take care of all of the ordering and packaging for you!”

Enter HappyPurim.com!

This website is being used by Jewish organizations across North America and will enable your congregants, students, and donors, to show their love and support to friends and community with a beautiful and professionally made mishloach manos—complete with branding that will incorporate the look of your organization or shul! You can read all about HappyPurim.com and how their mishloach manos software works here.


Best of all, ordering mishloach manos has never been easier! HappyPurim.com will set you up with your own website and personal login code that you can share with your mailing list, family, and friends. When a person logs in, people can choose to participate in the sending of a mishloach manos baskets to everyone on the membership list or to particular kollel fellows, rabbis, educators, and other assorted staff members. Ultimately, baskets are dropped off by HappyPurim.com before Purim at your office or shul so that your members can pick them up for self-delivery/shipping.

Happy Purim from all of us at NLEResources.com!


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