In the past, fundraising was conducted through in-person solicitation and events, when it was very difficult to manage large-scale campaigns. In today’s digital world, campaigns are easy to implement and it’s crucial to accept online donations. Online fundraising is on the increase since it is inexpensive, hassle-free and convenient.

With the invention of computers, tablets, and smartphones, donors can give directly through your organization’s webpage, apps, and email. In fact, when you provide opportunities for donors and supporters to donate online, you create great opportunities for them to support you through mobile giving, peer-to-peer, as well as crowdfunding networks, among others.

Opportune, simple, fast and secure, online fundraisers are crucial for the success of an organization. However, it is important to develop and implement the right online donation strategy. In this post, we have compiled 7 online recommendations to help you create a successful fundraising strategy as shared by Jonathan Kushner, a community mobilizer, and also a content expert at Essaygeeks.

  1.    Crystallize a mission statement displayed prominently on your digital media.

Develop a clear, concise mission statement that reflects your organization’s goals and passion. Be sure to display your mission statement on your organization’s homepage and social media outlets. This will make it easy for your readership to connect with your purpose and remember your ambitions.

  1.    Ensure donors and supporters know your organization’s needs.

Inform current and potential donors and supporters how you intend to invest their donations. Ensure to uphold transparency. To enhance clarity in your goals and objectives, come up with a “wish list.” Note that supporters and donors want to see productive use of their money. Some supporters will contribute unrestricted gifts and others may want to support specific programs within your organization. Your aim is to make sure donors know how their contribution facilitated your programming.

  1.    Draft a budget.

Ensure your budget is modest. Set some money aside for digital marketing campaigns since you will need to pay for social media ads. However, you might initially consider looking for free promotional sources. Thankfully, email campaigns are cheaper when you want to spread your word.

  1.    Keep your online fundraising channels secure.

You need to make donors feel safe by protecting your online fundraising website from hackers and cybercriminals. Note that the process will require them to use their private and financial information while contributing, therefore, ensure all their information is encrypted.

Since you will save your donors’ personal contact details, use firewalls and encrypted software to keep hackers at bay. Keep your technologies up-to-date on a regular basis with security patches.

  1.    Know your potential donors and supporters.

Donors and supporters want to give. Once they give, they want to be sure they will make a difference in someone’s life. They become joyful as a result of giving. When launching your campaign, understand what your donors and supporters care about. This is the secret to making it successful. To broaden your reach, you must be clear about how to attract new individuals to your cause. Ask yourself:

  • Where is the audience who cares about the same issues as we do?
  • How can we tell them our story?
  1.    Connect with your supporters.

Once you understand your potential donors, you need to create a relationship with them to transform them into dedicated supporters. For example, share your excitement via social media when you reach small and large milestones. Keep on developing your relationship by reaching out after completing each campaign. Plan emails as well as other communications to sustain engagement throughout the year.

  1.    Ensure donors can give easily.

Simplicity is vital to enable your supporters to donate easily. It is crucial to create a prominent “Donate Now” button on your website. Your online donation page, app or e-appeal should reflect the theme of your fundraiser and should be easily accessible. You may want to add options like recurring giving to enable donors to donate again automatically. Test your donation platform by asking your staff to donate and incorporate their feedback for a more streamlined process.


If you incorporate these 7 recommendations into your online strategy, you will find it easier to raise more money using your organization’s website and social media.



Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger.


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