Bringing people into shul or a community center is a lot easier during the High Holidays. The challenge lies in retaining the new people or converting those visitors into members after Yom Kippur services. Nowadays, shuls and community kollelim look for ways to highlight just how much they are a dynamic and vibrant center of Jewish life.
From shuls to schools, a slew of Jewish organizations use YouTube to promote learning opportunities, programs, and much more! Would you like to add some branding by adding the logo of your institution to your YouTube video(s)/channel(s)? For years, if one wanted to add a logo to their video, this meant using video editing software before uploading to... Read more »
“TEDTalks, ideas worth spreading” was launched in 1984 focused around the convergence of technology, entertainment and design. Nearly three decades since its inception, rabbis and educators the world over find that TEDTalks serve as great points of information to inspiration. In fact, we have linked to a handful of TEDTalks throughout our Online Resources section. When it comes... Read more »