NLE Resources contributor Rabbi Naphtali Hoff delivered a session at the recent Aish Conference on parenting. His talk, entitled, “Parenting From the Inside Out: Five Strategies to Help You Raise Happy, Fulfilled, and Connected Children” can be accessed here. It offers practical ways that parents can connect more deeply with their children and makes a special... Read more »
Increasingly, forward-looking scientists and psychologists researching issues of childrearing are finding themselves looking…backwards! After years of failed experiments in education, it is the Torah’s eternal wisdom that is proving itself the most effective, most humane, and most sensible way of teaching our children. In this fascinating, extensively-researched, and beautifully written work, Rabbi Kelemen, best-selling author,... Read more »
Never before have parents dealt with an environment as alluring to children as the one which we find ourselves in today. Never before have children been tempted to succumb to a culture that preaches the religion of self-gratification and pleasure-seeking. Never before has the home been less insulated to the effects of the media. Never... Read more »