If you work with teens, young adults, and sometimes even their parents—it seems more and more difficult to speak to your student over the phone. Instead, one hears people simply saying, “just text me.”

What if you want to inform people that your venue has changed or that the evening class is cancelled? The only option you may be left with is having to call each individual person to ensure they know about this new information. Truth be told, there are people who even if they are called, don’t pick up the phone if they can’t recognize the number. Others never check their voicemail and would never even hear the message!

Enter SendHub.

SendHub is an opt-in service that capitalizes on the fact that the above mentioned age demographic sometimes can’t help but look at their phones when they hear the alert that they have a new text message. What SendHub offers is an  easy way to send text messages to as many as fifty people at once. Plus, you can even send this text message from your cellphone, from your tablet, or from your computer. Best of all, SendHub is free!

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