The Gemara Berachos 5a teaches that when suffering befalls an individual he should introspect. HaGaon HaRav Chaim M’Voloshin writes in Nefesh HaChaim, based on Rashi (Ibid) that a person should contemplate carefully into the nature of the suffering that befell him, to determine what personal shortcomings were responsible for this occurring mida k’neged mida. It... Read more »

Chazal tell us (Medrash Rabah Vayikra 2:1) that of the thousand students who enter to learn Mikra, 100 enter to learn Mishnah, and of those 100, only 10 enter to learn Gemara, and of those only one becomes the outstanding scholar. But the Rambam teaches that Talmud is the crown of Jewish learning. Does that mean that only 1% of Jewish people can