The recently-published book Homeward Bound: Inspiring Stories of Return (Feldheim Distribution) by Rabbi Michoel Gros is a collection of captivating stories and inspiring lessons of Jews returning to their roots and of people involved in kiruv. It contains dozens of true anecdotes of teshuva and kiruv, and it can be an important
The current June 2017 edition of National Geographic explores the phenomenon of lying: “In the fall of 1989, Princeton University welcomed into its freshman class a young man named Alexi Santana, whose life story the admissions committee had found extraordinarily compelling. He had barely received any formal schooling. He

On May 6, 1994 Suri Feldman was found two days after being lost in a Connecticut forest after separating from her class while playing during a class trip: “Displaying survival skills that impressed local people familiar with the outdoors, a 14-year-old Chasidic girl from Brooklyn who disappeared on Wednesday when a school outing

This post is an introductory tutorial for people interested in producing custom-designed 3D Judaica (such as tzedakah boxes, Shabbat light switch covers, mezuzah cases, and other such items). First we’ll have an overview of the nature and process of “Do It Yourself” 3D design and printing, and then show how this can be e

A transformative lesson is going viral from the Start-Up Nation based on the announcement last week that one of Israel’s largest coffeehouse chains, Café Café, is offering a 25 percent discount to patrons at its 157 branches who say “please” and “thank you” when ordering a regular size cup of coffee. A cup of coffee will