In Leadership Mastermind groups, participants share their personal challenges and get input and solutions from their peers. Moshe was struggling. As the lower school principal of a day school in northern New Jersey, Moshe was trying to stay afloat in a pandemic that has sapped all our energy and made school leadership – already a... Read more »

Due to the pandemic, many rabbis, Jewish leaders and students are having to schedule meetings and team calls virtually over Zoom. This usually involves a lot of back-and-forth emails.  Arranging a meeting time that works for all — not only takes up quite some time, but can also become confusing quite easily depending on how... Read more »

This PowerPoint Jeopardy Game is a fun means of reviewing Inyanei Chanukah. There are six categories of questions with five questions in each category,ranging from simple to complex, covering Chanukah history and Halachos & Minhagim. The game includes timers, an option to display answers, music and sound effects. What to download: Download the print-ready PDF... Read more »

In the capitalist free enterprise system, all competition is generally encouraged. But the competition must be fair in order for the system to work. That is why the government monitors the system to insure that one competitor does not gain any unfair advantage, such as a monopoly. For this reason, for example, the United States... Read more »