We all know how important print media is in the Jewish world. Let’s be honest. While print magazines are “dying” right and left in the tech-savvy world that we live in – Jews – and in particular – Shomer Shabbat ones, enjoy being the (printed) People of the Book. 

For years, we are a nation that values learning from and holding a sefer/book and it very well could be that it is because of this and more that magazines or even a mailing from a chesed organization making a pitch to its donors continues to be an effective method to reach people within our Jewish world. While snail mail does cost more than email – emails can quickly be scanned, delivered and trashed. 

Your mailing and what comes across as a “personal touch” has a huge ROI. See more at: 7 Direct Mail Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits. You know what would be a shame? 

If you actually spend time and/or money to organize and cultivate your donor list and then you know what? Your addresses are off and a percentage of your supporters don’t receive your mailing. 

Enter Lob. 

Lob is an API for the offline world. With their print & mail API, you can seamlessly print and mail individually customized letters, postcards, and checks. Plus, Lob offers an address verification API, which lets you verify, auto-correct, standardize, and enrich physical addresses with less than 5 minutes of setup. We highly recommend that you check out Lob and consider using it for your next mailing. 

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