As a rabbi or educator, you may very well use your smartphone to record hour long audios or videos of your shiurim and events. Likewise, you likely use your smartphone or tablet to take a slew of pictures to include in your email newsletter or to put up on social media.

However, sending these files and getting them off of your smartphone is cumbersome — to say the least.

Indeed, CEO of Infinit, Julien Quintard echoed these sentiments by saying, “It’s absolutely shocking that Apple, HTC, and even Samsung have invested so much in building such high-quality cameras for smartphones, yet anytime we want to move these files to another device, we’re immediately required to sacrifice their quality.”

Enter Infinit.

This new app, is available for both the iPhone and Android operating system and is one that will help you save time — and frustration.

You see, there’s certainly no shortage of tools to transfer files from point A to point B — there’s Dropbox, WeTransfer, and email for starters.

However, Infinit’s main selling point is that it cuts out the cloud to help you send files across the internet directly between users — it’s all about peer-to-peer (P2P), and doesn’t require uploading/downloading between servers.

In fact, disconnecting from the internet will never stop your transfers, ensuring that your files are delivered no matter what.

How does that work?

Infinit promises unlimited sizes for file transfers (hence the company’s name) — the only barrier is the speed of the sender and recipient’s Wi-Fi connection. For example, “pause-and-resume” enables a file to continue a transfer even if an internet connection drops halfway through — as soon as a connection is re-established, the transfer continues.

In short, you can send files and folders of ANY size or format from a complete photo collection to an HD video of your class or event! Your files are protected from start to finish through bank-level encryption algorithms for maximum security.

To learn more about Infinit watch the video below:

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