Creating and sharing audio slideshows has never been easier, thanks to a new service called: UtellStory.

As a rabbi or educator you can use this service to send a short thought on the weekly Torah portion, update parents on the latest news from your school, or even make a fundraising pitch!

How does UtellStory work?

All you need to do is upload pictures (or pull them from your own online photos), insert your text that will serve as captions to the images, and add your recorded audio narration to each slide. You can easily rearrange slides after recording, by dragging them into the sequence in which you want them to appear. Plus, you can even upload a musical soundtrack, if you think that it will further enhance your message.

Once you are finished, your UTellStory files can be directly embedded on your website or blog, emailed to your friends, family, congregants and students, and also shared through your social networking sites. You can learn more about UTellStory by watching the following presentation:


Please note: In the free version of UTellStory you have thirty seconds per slide and up to two minutes of total audio. UtellStory does offer a discounted paid version for educators.



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