Recently, NCSY released a new Bar Mitzvah infographic! You can see the infographic here. It explains the basics of what it means to become a Bar Mitzvah, analyzes the phrase “Bar Mitzvah,” explores why we make a big celebration, and provides an overview of tefillin. Plus, it also offers a deeper look at tefillin. All in all, this is a great infographic
Recently, a rabbi contacted us through our website asking for links to sites that can aid him in putting together a Bar and Bat Mitzvah program. Overall, we looked to highlight programs that would instill a love for Jewish learning and the desire to continue moving in a positive direction. Below, we share with you a... Read more »
Exploring the mitzvah of tefillin offers us a chance to appreciate one of the most profound positive commandments in the Torah. Tefillin are called an אות (a sign) testifying to our mission as Jews and our eternal covenant with God. Tefillin serve to remind us of such fundamental concepts as God’s Unity, His Providence, reward... Read more »