Recently, NCSY released a new Bar Mitzvah infographic! You can see the infographic here. It explains the basics of what it means to become a Bar Mitzvah, analyzes the phrase Bar Mitzvah, explores why we make a big celebration, and provides an overview of tefillin. Plus, it also offers a deeper look at tefillin.

All in all, this is a great infographic to be aware of and share with your students and congregants of all ages! Likewise, you may suggest that people print this infographic and distribute to the guests coming to a Bar Mitzvah celebration.

You can also gain greater insight into the occasion by downloading two relevant NLE Morasha shiurim:

1) Bar & Bat Mitzvah: The Transformational Birthday Party for the Soul

2) Tefillin

You can view additional infographics and Jewish infographics that NLE Resources has collected on our Pinterest page.



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