The NLE Thinking Gemara Series was established to help assist rabbis, educators and outreach professionals to engage students with little Jewish background in Gemara study. Each shiur poses a series of contemporary cases and dilemmas addressed by a guided presentation of the sugiya by Gemaras, Rishonim and Achronim using English – Hebrew (menukad) sources. You can see a full list of shiurim available here for free!

In honor of the upcoming holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, NLE Resources is pleased to announce the latest shiur: Adam Mu’ad Le’olam – Accountability for Accidental Damage: The $6,000 Diamond Washed Down a 48-Story Drain! This shiur discusses questions such as: should the breaker be liable? Why or why not? What is a person’s level of responsibility regarding other people’s property?

BE”H twenty-five Gemara-based sugiyas will be presented with Teacher’s Guides and Student’s Source Sheets. The shiurim can be taught using the graphically enhanced PDF format or tailor-made by modifying the Word documents.

We encourage you to check back here, as we will post additional shiurim as they become available.



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