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Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Jew Yarmulka American Flag
The most remarkable thing about the failed coup in Turkey last week is how utterly unremarkable it actually was. While this particular coup was unsuccessful, since 1960 Turkey has been overthrown four times through takeovers organized and perpetrated by its own military. (Read More)
Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Another week, another tragic terrorist attack. Another disastrous outcome of a conflict between radical Islam and civilization. As we mourn the losses and contemplate the continued carnage resulting from this conflict, we can consider how Torah guides us in the meeting of faith and civilization. Moshe was deprived of the privilege to lead the Jewish... Read more » (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
For many of us, listening to music is a transforming, empowering, spiritually uplifting experience. Something about Pachelbel’s Cannon in D major, whether heard in a live orchestral performance or as quiet, ambiance music in a restaurant, or even in our own living room, so enchants us. What is it that lifts us up? What is... Read more » (Read More)
Hadassah Levy
The Lost Light Torah Live
It can be extremely difficult to talk about negative speech with congregants, students and parents. To that end, Torah Live has now released the first episode of a ten-part series which helps educate on this topic in the upcoming summer months. The summer months are an extremely (Read More)
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