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Rabbi Asher Resnick
Why call it “Anti-Semitism”? Let’s begin by focusing on the term “anti-Semitism” itself. Why do we need a specific term for hatred against the Jews? (Read More)
Rabbi Eliyahu Kohen 
Eitan Hersh, Associate Professor of political science at Tufts University is alarmed that a potentially influential force in American politics is shirking their responsibility with detrimental consequences. Writing in the current edition of The Atlantic (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
In Parshas Bo, God carries out the final tenth plague, the killing of the first born Egyptian children, “So that you shall know that God will have differentiated between Egypt and Israel” [Shemos 11:7]. Following the prior nine plagues when God also demonstrated His ability to precisely distinguish between the Egyptians and Bnei (Read More)
Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel
Revenge is defined as the infliction of punishment in return for injury or insult, or the desire to retaliate or repay an injury or wrong. It is a basic human emotion or action, which is both intense and natural. (Read More)
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