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Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
The Kiruv world has mekareved significant numbers of people. Yet, not only have we not acted to reduce the intermarriage rate; we have not even managed to stabilize it.[1] In part, this is because our vision has been too limited and our goals (for many of us) have been elsewhere (facilitating Shomrei Shabbos Jews). Yet,... Read more » (Read More)
Yisroel Picker
“Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” -Unknown “If you see something, say something.” “Stand up for yourself.” “Use your voice, don’t be quiet.” These slogans, and many similar messages, are being spread like wildfire. Cancel culture has made it that... Read more » (Read More)

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Rabbi Eliyahu Kohen 
As anti-racial protests resurged in Portland, Seattle and cities nationwide, scores of iconic statues, including those of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been torn down. The Washington Post’s Annie Gowen’s July 8 headline declared, As Statues of Founding Fathers Topple, Debate Rages Over Where Protesters Should Draw the Line. Gowen writes, Manisha Sinha, a... Read more » (Read More)
Avraham Lewis
Your donors give to other great people, projects and organizations. And all of you are ‘competing’ for their attention and funds. If you were your donor, how would you decide who to give a larger piece of the pie? (Read More)
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