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Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
A mekarev’s job is to project his personality, to be as warm and engaging as possible, and to create lasting relationships. When a male mekarev engages this way with a female student, he is setting himself up to be attracted to the student or the other way around or both of them to each other.  ... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
A story from before Covid-19 – a look into our past. When I am not a rabbi in Passaic, I moonlight by teaching at Landers College for Women in New York. The school is just a few short blocks from the famous Central Park. The Park attracts over 42 million visitors annually. The Park affords... Read more » (Read More)

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Olami Resources
The Jewish world suffered a great loss last week with the untimely passing of Rabbi Matisiyahu Rosenblum zt”l. Rabbi Rosenblum served as a senior collaborative writer and editor on many shiurim in the Morasha Curriculum between 2009 – 2014. During a shiva visit to his eldest brother, l’havdil bein chaim l’chaim, Rabbi Yonason Rosenblum, Shlita, we gained further... Read more » (Read More)
Avraham Lewis
Do your donor newsletters or marketing materials show stats of… …how many people you’ve reached…how many Zoom classes you’ve given…how many Shabbos meals you delivered…how many donors you have?  In your conversations with donors, are you communicating success with data and numbers to back up what you tell them? Or do you place an emphasis... Read more » (Read More)
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