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Jane Koval
The Jewish community is highly committed to philanthropy, which is the reason why the many Jewish nonprofit organizations that exist today operate from donations. It’s important to note that many Jews donate regardless of their economic status. According to the data from Giving USA (Read More)
Rabbi Naphtali Hoff
For longer than I care to remember, my wife and I have grappled with a parenting challenge that we hadn’t faced in the past. Our five-year-old and the youngest of our six children was acting very much like the baby of the family. In his self-defined role, he was unwilling to do certain things (Read More)

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Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel
Physical beauty, both in man and in women, has always been admired and valued throughout the ages. In the culture of ancient Greece, it was the highest ideal. But today, perhaps more than ever before, in a mass media age, society values physical beauty in everyday life as never before. Successful models have turned into... Read more » (Read More)
Avraham Lewis
When someone gives you the name of a person who has gazillions of $$$. What do you do now? So first things first, we want to find out a bit more about the person. Do they really donate large amounts to charity? (Read More)
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