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Rabbi Naphtali Hoff
For millions of people worldwide, the act of taking selfies has become an integral part of the social media experience. Selfies are internationally pervasive and evoke strong reactions from those who encounter them. In a hysterical clip about selfies, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco hits hard on selfie takers. In his words, the act of taking a selfie should (Read More)
Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Imagine a State of the Union address that – instead of measuring progress relative to the promises made during the most recent election campaign – used the yardstick of the values and goals articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Such an exercise would certainly provide a deeper and broader (Read More)

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Mariya Gepalova
Once, I have come across a very controversial statement that Social Media Management is dead. Though lots of people agree with it, thinking that social media lose their importance in the company’s promotion, I tend to disagree. Mostly because social networks have become more than crucial and significant in our lives. Facebook, (Read More)
Vivek Singh
In this age of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), flipped classrooms, blended learning, and other active digital education media, it is natural for the Jewish community to turn to the virtual classroom. Jewish leaders have always valued education, both spiritual and lay. The broad net cast by online learning makes, living (Read More)
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