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Rabbi Levi Lebovits
      Tzedakah is a mitzvah all the time, right? So why do we only give when we’re asked? Many of us give tzedakah generously and often. Whenever the gabbai stretches out the pushka in shul – whenever a collector knocks on our door – whenever we get one of those heart-wrenching email appeals – we... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Eliyahu Kohen 
Katie Roiphe is a Harvard and Princeton educated professor and author directing the graduate journalism Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at NYU. In an essay in Atlantic Magazine’s August 2021 edition, 16 Things to Remember at College, Dr. Roiphe offers advice to her college freshman daughter that she wished someone had given her.  “Over the... Read more » (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
It’s officially 2022. Editing video is the new self-publishing. Every nonprofit professional has or is trying to learn it. The two classic standard programs for video editing are very expensive. However, there are a bunch of really good programs for free.  CreativeBloq ran a comparative review of the best free video editing software, which is likely to... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Michoel Green
The New York Times reported this week that a huge fissure in an Antarctic ice shelf, known as Larsen C, extended 17 miles over the past two months: “A rapidly advancing crack in Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice (Read More)
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