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Rabbi Naphtali Hoff
At the end of my first year serving as Principal of a school, I met up for breakfast with someone who was very instrumental in developing school leadership talent, and had founded the graduate level program in educational administration that I had attended. He had also been a board chair for multiple area schools. I had asked to meet with him so I could let him enjoy (Read More)
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Kosher Trief Phone
Disclaimer: Please note the following is written in jest and is in no way meant to mock any person or group. That being said, almost every day I see ‘chashuva people’ speaking on their phones while driving. I myself can always use the chizuk to make sure I am properly ‘aligned.’ Therefore, if the only person who takes a (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
PR Shofar
The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as, “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” The word “publics” could be defined as a customer, potential student or community member. In short, it encompasses anyone who interacts with or is impacted by your nonprofit organization on any level. Being... Read more » (Read More)
Igal Guinerman
over the next several weeks of the following four full chapters from Circle, Arrow, Spiral: 1) Shelo Asani Isha, 2) The Roots of the Inequality of Women, 3) Witnesses and 4) Polygamy. (Read More)
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