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Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel
The moral questions regarding euthanasia and abortion are very sensitive issues which are discussed by all segments of society today. Much has already written about these topics in Jewish law. Therefore, the purpose here is not to deal with the Jewish legal issues themselves, but, rather, to give the general Jewish (Read More)
Rabbi Eliyahu Kohen 
During an exciting opening Shabbos dinner of the fall semester 24 years ago, two freshmen, whom we’ll call Molly and Susan, introduced themselves and asked if they could stop by my office one day during the week. A common request seemingly to fine-tune their orientation to Jewish life on campus, (Read More)

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Avraham Lewis
Here's one way to attract new major donors to your project. I call it “gold mining.” Where you've struck gold (major donors) once before, can often be a great place to look for more gold. There is a simple way to do this. Look at your present and past major donors, who are significant contributors to your organization. (Read More)
Jade Gardner
Incorporating the latest website trends can assist nonprofits to reach new members and participants. I’d like to share the following ten trends in website design and content, all targeted towards the new generation of nonprofit websites. These trends can transform your internet traffic and draw new (Read More)
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