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NLE Morasha Curriculum Team
Historic dates, like stepping stones, create a footpath through our heritage. Experienced by one generation and recalled by those to come, it is through these annual recollections that our heritage is honored. Before 1971, Washington’s Birthday was one of nine US holidays celebrated on specific dates, which – year after year – fell on different days of the (Read More)
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
It’s been really cold these days, as I write these words the actual temperature is 7 degrees above zero with the “real-feel” at -18 degrees! Last night at about 8 PM or so the temperature outside was more or less the same as now. I had a quandary; I wanted to attend a vort of a very good friend of mine which was being held at Beth Shalom which is located (Read More)

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Mrs. Estie Rand
There's just one word you need to know: HWIMUS (huh·wee·mus) How Will It Make Us Sustainable? This is the process we go through with every nonprofit client of ours, taking each line item on their budget and asking ourselves: Will this expense help us build long-term sustainability? In a landscape that may seem to have many lookalikes, how are you going (Read More)
Rabbi Michoel Green
Rabbi Asher Resnick is currently one of the senior lecturers of Aish Hatorah’s Executive Learning Center, and a senior training lecturer for Aish’s Rabbinical Ordination program. As a close student of Rav Noach Weinberg, zt”l, he developed a special expertise in addressing fundamental issues in Judaism, as well as in bringing classical texts to life.... Read more » (Read More)
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