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Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Last night I received a call from a health care professional who works in a different state. The individual was informing me that they were appointed to the ethics committee of their state's commission of medical ethics. The caller explained to me that part of the ethics committee’s duties was to decide who will receive the precious few ventilators (Read More)
Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky
I have been asked by alumni to provide my thoughts on the current situation, both from a practical as well as “spiritual” perspective. From a practical perspective, the response is simple. Follow all guidelines and restrictions of the health services. This is necessary both to protect yourself and (Read More)

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On April 18, 2018, the New York Times reported the mind-boggling findings of an international scientific study that today we can only begin to comprehend its implications: trillions of viruses constantly circle the globe in an atmospheric air stream with “some 800 million viruses cascading onto every square meter of the planet daily... Mostly thought of as (Read More)
Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz
As I sit, all alone, in a place, once called home, I ponder, and  reflect, on the one, I did neglect, not my child, not my wife, not my boss, but my life, who is this, I now meet, in the mirror, not the street, when all else, melts away, and I’m stuck, with him all day, I start to notice, how long it’s been, since I’ve thought, about him, where’s he headed, what’s his plan, (Read More)
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