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Rabbi Naphtali Hoff
The importance of each individual is certainly something that we are all aware of. We see at the outset of this week’s parasha (as well as countless other sources) that Hashem loves each of us, independently and collectively, and views our very existence as an opportunity to demonstrate that love. The Lord spoke to (Read More)
Rabbi Akiva Klein
There were two friends who lived near each other. They developed a very close relationship, until one day one of them was forced to move away. As the moving day drew closer and the reality of departure seeped in, the deep feelings of their bond grew only stronger. On the night before the big move the two sat down for a final meal together. They reminisced the years that passed, and they promised each other to use every which way to (Read More)

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Rabbi Michoel Green
The New York Times reported this week an “enormous success” by researchers in the genome-wide association study identifying genes connected to intelligence: “In a significant advance in the study of mental ability, a team of European and American scientists announced on Monday that they had identified 52 genes (Read More)
Mrs. Estie Rand
Are you one of those people who feel that without a proper logo, you don't have a real nonprofit? In a sense, this attitude is true, but it is not the logo that makes a nonprofit or a business. Rather, it is the unique brand of who you are and what you and your nonprofit offer. You are not a real nonprofit unless you know what makes you different than every other competing brand out there. It is your internal brand that defines you; only once you (Read More)
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