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Rabbi Zev Kahn
A week before my trip to Israel one winter break, I got an email from a friend, Rafael Sait, asking me if I had any space in my suitcase to bring over some Romanian meat for him. A little background is required here: The Romanian butchery in Chicago on the corner of Clark and Touhy is probably the most (Read More)
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
The startling findings of a recent Jewish People Policy Institute study drew a Ha’aretz headline of “Low Marriage Rates and Intermarriage Threaten Future of U.S. Jewry” and an Arutz Sheva headline asking, “Is There a Future for non-Orthodox American Jewry?” The study found that outside of Orthodoxy, fewer Jews are (Read More)

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Avi Lasdun, Ph.D.
The focus of this presentation is to explore the Halachic permissibility of performing multifetal pregnancy reduction (MPR), by applying the teachings of the Talmud (Mishna and Gemara), Rishonim (medieval-period commentators), Acharonim (more recent commentators) and Poskim (Halachic decisors). MPR is an (Read More)
Jennifer Scott
As the end of the school year approaches, even the most dedicated teachers are looking forward to a well-earned break. Many teachers are exhausted, and have given pretty much everything they’ve got to their students over the year. It can be hard to stay motivated and keep delivering amazing classes all the way until (Read More)
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