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Rabbi Naphtali Hoff
Perhaps the biggest challenge for today’s educators is to establish the right amount of authority within their virtual classrooms.  On the one hand, the authoritarian approach that so many of us were raised with simply doesn’t work. Authoritarian teachers rely on copious rules which they religiously enforce. In a classroom setting, the authoritarian is a... Read more » (Read More)
Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
Over Pesach, I noticed a woman I thought was Baila Friedberg coming out of Shul. “Good Yom Tov, Mrs. Friedberg.”  “Good Yom Tov. However, my name is Mrs. Greenstein, and I am the twin sister of Baila. I am staying by her for Pesach.” I knew Baila Friedberg for over twenty years and never heard... Read more » (Read More)

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Raphael Szendro
Raphael Szendro published an in-depth discussion of the pricing implications of limited critical medical supplies triggered by Covid 19 that can serve as the basis for an engaging shiur. Year one of “15 days to flatten the curve” and counting. Among the many challenges we faced over the year was a potential shortage of essential... Read more » (Read More)
Avraham Lewis
When done effectively, phone calls are a most powerful fundraising tool. But phone anxiety causes many to avoid using the phone – using email or text instead – which costs them lost income.  Remember – it’s  normal to have phone nerves before making important calls. And the good thing is, there are simple ways to get rid of... Read more » (Read More)
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