As I sit,
all alone,
in a place,
once called home,
I ponder,
and  reflect,
on the one,
I did neglect,
not my child,
not my wife,
not my boss,
but my life,
who is this,
I now meet,
in the mirror,
not the street,
when all else,
melts away,
and I’m stuck,
with him all day,
I start to notice,
how long it’s been,
since I’ve thought,
about him,
where’s he headed,
what’s his plan,
this here stranger,
of a man,
why does he,
even rise,
this here master,
of disguise,
running off,
every morn,
in crisp clothes,
with soul torn,
chasing after,
a career,
while neglecting,
all that’s dear,
oh dear mirror,
on that wall,
won’t you answer,
my desperate call,
look inside,
find what’s real,
and let’s cut,
ourselves a deal,
when this virus,
fades away,
and the world,
gets up to play,
its old game,
of routine,
please remember,
the pristine,
days alone,
spent with me,
days on which,
we both did see,
what’s important,
and what’s not,
what defines,
our eternal lot,
promise me,
you’ll recall,
Corona days,
casting their pall,
on all things,
without meaning,
with its brightest,
spotlight beaming,
on the thing,
The one the only,
that remains,
when all is lonely,
the true me,
the one inside,
and together,
side by side,
we’ll move on,
and go on living,
kinder, deeper,
lives of giving,
lives of meaning,
lives aware,
of what’s real,
of what’s dear,
for only then,
might we reach,
what He sought,
so hard to teach,
with these days,
oh so dark,
to ignite,
our inner spark!


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