NLE Resources benefits from the ongoing involvement of contributors from around the world. Please be sure to contact us to share any feedback or additional resources. Here’s the team behind NLE Resources:

Managing Editor & Webmaster

Rabbi Michoel Green

Consulting Editors

Rabbi Avi Cassel
Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
Rabbi Gidon Shoshan

Writers and Staff

Rabbi Yirmi Cowan
Igal Guinerman (Spanish)

Foreign Language Consulting Editors

Rabbi Gavriel Falestchi (Spanish)
Rabbi Arieh Marciano (French)
Rabbi Yaakov Tipograph (Russian)


One of the flagship projects of this site is the NLE Morasha Syllabus, a compendium of 130 classes of the most essential topics for a Jewish student looking to learn more about Judaism. In addition to the talented staff listed above, this series of shiurim was assembled in six languages through the scholarship and creativity of the following people:


Smadar Assouline
Rabbi Yosef Back
Arona Brumer
Rabbi Yitzchak Bukovski
Rabbi Tanchum Burton
Rochel Dubin
Rabbi Yehoshua Edelstein
Rabbi Gavriel Enoch
Ronnit Feiler
Rabbi Binyamin Feldman
Rabbi Azriel Friedman
Rabbi Chanan Fruchter
Haia Guberfein
Rabbi Reuven Handler
Rabbi Yisrael Herczeg
Rabbi Reuven Kamenetsky
Chana Leibman
Rabbi Reuven Leuchter
Hanna Levin
Rabbi Moshe Mizrahi
Blima Moskoff
Rabbi Moshe Pantelat
Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer
Rabbi Avraham Phillips
Rabbi Jeremy Posen
Bracha Rosenblum
Rabbi Matisyahu Rosenblum
Tzipora Rottenberg
Rabbi David Sedley
Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld
Rabbi Moshe Shachor
Rabbi Ruben Srugo
Rabbi Dovid Sussman
Tzippy Thumim
Arianna Wajswol
Gila Zemmel

Special thanks to the many people who’ve assisted us around the world, especially Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff.

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