Over the past two months, my LinkedIn feed has shifted. The number of posts about AI and ChatGPT borders on the ridiculous. And who knows how many were generated by someone using ChatGPT?

First…a bit of background: 

Did you know that some of the key players in the AI space are Jewish? Sam Altman is the man behind ChatGPT serving as the OpenAI CEO. He has grandparents who were Holocaust survivors and has been described by Peter Thiel as someone who “is culturally very Jewish.”

The open source company that developed the recent artificial intelligence sensations ChatGPT was co-founded by Greg Brockman…another Jew.

Generate Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to find good ideas to create unique programming, a Shabbaton or trips. You and your team have “writer’s block.” Now, you can ask ChatGPT to get lots of ideas in minutes. It won’t do all of the work for you. That said, it’ll certainly be a new entity at your brainstorming table.

Research & Analysis

As nonprofit professionals, we need to research on Google to learn about locations and what interests the students of today. Let’s be honest. It can take hours. 

ChatGPT can give you and your team general insights on a location or more and save lots of time. 

Compare & Analysis

You can compare two different things like: texts, locations and more. You can make ChatGPT analyze the outcome for the better. 

For background, an overview and how to access ChatGPT please click here.

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