Over the past two months, my LinkedIn feed has shifted. The number of posts about AI and ChatGPT borders on the ridiculous. And who knows how many were generated by someone using ChatGPT? First…a bit of background:  Did you know that some of the key players in the AI space are Jewish? Sam Altman is... Read more »

Pesach is now less than thirty days away! For shuls and outreach centers, Pesach is among the most celebrated Jewish holidays on the Jewish calendar. After all, Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday, and by extension, becomes a perfect time to draw in young professionals and families. And so, while you may be busy cleaning, shopping, cooking,... Read more »
We all know that McDonald’s is the epitome of “treif.” That said, and in the spirit of our Sages who tell us that we can “learn from every person” – it’s worth noting that the iconic fast food restaurant just unveiled a new commercial that doesn’t show either its food or its restaurants for the first time ever.  If anything,... Read more »

Running a nonprofit is no simple feat. To that end, it’s also important to measure your success and keep in mind what we refer to as, The 4 Principles of Nonprofit Growth:  Provide specific value to a specific audience. Ask yourself: Is your chesed organization providing value? Make sure you aren’t just spinning wheels.  Consistency... Read more »

Once you’ve established your nonprofit, you will find that you often need to be your own graphic designer to make both offline and online flyers to advertise/raise money for your cause(s). As such, we encourage you to know of sites such as Remove.bg and lunapic.com Both of these sites are: 1) free, 2) simple to... Read more »

We are honored to inform our readership of Jewish leaders and nonprofit professionals about a special offering from a frequent contributor to Olami Resources: Rabbi Dr. Naphtali Hoff’s ProductiveU. As leaders, we do not have much time. At ProductiveU, on Sunday, February 19, 2023 we will take a one-day deep dive productivity masterclass for busy... Read more »

We all know that it’s important to come up with good font combos so your website, brochures and promotional materials look sharp. Now, if you aren’t a designer, it’s hard to choose nice fonts. Enter: Font Joy. This helpful website chooses them for you! • Lock in a font you want • Or start from... Read more »