If you have opened Twitter on your desktop or the latest version of their mobile app in the last few days you likely noticed there is a new de facto feed / tab called “For you.”

This is blatantly an inspiration of TikTok’s #1 asset, it’s For you page… or #fyp as TikTok creators refer to it by!

Arguably the best asset of TikTok is the “For you” feed! It’s awesome because it leads to crazy virality and growth for users on the platform but decreases the value of a follower because your followers consume less of your content.

Based on the above, consider sending out email newsletters of the like to your students and donors solely based on what they are interested in – or in other words “For you.”

Yes…they won’t be receiving as many emails from you and you won’t be highlighting ALL. OF. YOUR. EVENTS…but…you will be reaching them exactly where you are at.

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