Have you been hiding under a rock? If the answer is yes – than you may not have heard of ChatGPT. However, for all of us who are living in 2023 AI and in particular ChatGPT is the trending tool that is set to change the way that we communicate and frankly function and perform. 

Here is how you and your team can use ChatGPT to better reach more humans…in your case students to take interest in your cause, classes, offerings, trips and more. 

You can actually use ChatGPT for…


  1. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite this headline to make it more appealing to all college students or to make it even more appealing to introverts. 
  2. Likewise, you can ask it to write text that persuades returning students to join for additional programming. 
  3. We are sure there are other ways as well…here’s the thing…


This AI thing is THAT big of a deal. 

People – lots of people – aren’t trying it yet. They hear about it. But they’re not actually digging in. Don’t play catch up. This time be ahead. You need to. 


The pace of change continues to accelerate. For this one, you’re going to have to buckle down and try it out a bit.

Until you just see it everywhere.

Click here or here to begin…

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