Derech B’Yam HaTalmud has produced a new eBook entitled How Many Sons did Haman Have? (And what became of them?) 

The eBook explores three primary issues which add great insight to understanding and teaching the story of the Megillah. 

First, the Gemara brings three opinions regarding how many sons Haman had and how they all died. What is the reason for their positions? Are they arguing on the Metzius? Did Haman have more than one wife?

Second, the Megillah records that 10 sons were hanged. What happened to the rest of them? Why were these 10 singled out to be hanged?

Third, the Gemara records that some of Haman’s descendants converted to Judaism and learned Torah in Bnai Brak. Who were they, and why did Haman deserve this?

These issues and others are discussed here, based on material from the Gemara, Midrashim and other sources.

In addition to this new eBook, Derech B’Yam HaTalmud offers Iyun material on the Gemara in several mesechtas, to help in the preparation of shiurim or for independent learning. On its website are free learning materials on Bava Metzia, Kessubos Gittin and Sukkah. 

To view the class on Haman’s Sons, click here.

To access the other Gemara B’Iyun materials, visit their website

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