Time sometimes allows memories to fade. Sometimes, time causes memories to intensify. The latter is the case with me. This past Sunday was the seventh Yahrtzeit of my mother Leah bas Meir and Ita A” H. My mother’s life was one of the wandering Jew. She lived in various Jewish neighborhoods, which time and time... Read more »

IS THE CHOSEN PEOPLE A RACIST IDEA? Part 1: Defining the Meaning of “Chosen People”  The Questions – “Chosen People” raises many different questions: Why does any group need to be chosen or different from everybody else?2. Is the existence of a single chosen group within mankind an ideal situation?3. What exactly does it mean to be chosen?4.... Read more »

Recently, we spoke about ayin tovah – positive perception of others. Ayin tovah is a beautiful thing. It’s something we all value. Something we all wish we were better at. Because, yes, many of us could do with a fair measure of ayin tovah improvement. Why? Why do so many find it so challenging to... Read more »

In previous productivity steps we planned our work (Step 1), put systems in place to keep our people informed and in sync (Step 2), rolled up our sleeves to get work done (Step 3), and identified strategies to sustain the momentum we’ve built (Step 4). This post goes deeper on Step 5, Leading for Maximal... Read more »

The Moral Imperative argument is one of the classic discussions which address the existence of G-d. It is also valuable in terms of what it teaches us about morality itself, and why morality matters so much to all of us. PART I — Consider what type of a world would exist if there were no absolute, objective morality. If... Read more »

Despite the recent uptick in people working remotely, most people still commute back and forth to an office. And that takes quite a bit of time out of each day. In America, workers spend about an hour a day commuting to and from work. When you factor that the average number of workdays per year... Read more »

      Tzedakah is a mitzvah all the time, right? So why do we only give when we’re asked? Many of us give tzedakah generously and often. Whenever the gabbai stretches out the pushka in shul – whenever a collector knocks on our door – whenever we get one of those heart-wrenching email appeals – we... Read more »