IS THE CHOSEN PEOPLE A RACIST IDEA? Part 1: Defining the Meaning of “Chosen People”  The Questions – “Chosen People” raises many different questions: Why does any group need to be chosen or different from everybody else?2. Is the existence of a single chosen group within mankind an ideal situation?3. What exactly does it mean to be chosen?4.... Read more »

The Moral Imperative argument is one of the classic discussions which address the existence of G-d. It is also valuable in terms of what it teaches us about morality itself, and why morality matters so much to all of us. PART I — Consider what type of a world would exist if there were no absolute, objective morality. If... Read more »

We previously addressed how to understand and deal with nisyonot (difficulties & challenges). This essay addresses six purposes of nisyonot. First — Nisyonot Actualize Potential The Gemara Menachot (53b) asks — “Why is Yisrael (the Jewish nation) compared to an olive? To tell you that, just like an olive gives forth its oil only through... Read more »

Introduction, Insights from the Akeidah, Understanding Nisyonot Introduction There are many important issues and questions to clarify with nisyonot (tests): Are there different types? What is their purpose or purposes? Is everyone given tests? Should we view them as positive or negative? Are they absolutely necessary for our growth and development? Is it really the... Read more »

I have prepared fifteen questions below to research and discuss the answers either before, during, or after the Seder.  1. The Mishnah in Pirkei Avot (6:2) declares — “There is no free person other than one who is immersed in the study of the Torah.” Isn’t the opposite true — i.e., that the study of... Read more »